Tomasz Lipski

Tomasz ”Lipi” Lipski – a poet, a musician, an actor, a DJ, a socio-culture manager, a Secretary of One World” Art and Culture Integration Association in Pomorskie region in Sopot. He ran “Czwartkowe Spotkania Poetyckie” (Thursday Poetry Meetings). With Larry Okey Ugwu he is a co-organizer of „Muzyka Przeciwko Nietolerancji i Przemocy (Music Against Intolerance and Violence Festival) in Sopot. A member of ethnic music band – Ikenga Drummers. He co-founded LipZezRew theatre. He is a laureate of nationwide poetry contests. A member of Youth Circle at ZLP in Gdańsk. So far he published poetry volumes called “Fotografie mej pamięci” (Photographs of my mind) in 1995 and “Pierwsze słowo” (First word) in 1998. In 2005 he received Cultural Scholarship granted by the Marshal of Pomorskie region which helped him to publish his third poetry volume entitled “Stories from the Bush”. In 2009 he published an anthology of his poems presented during Thursday Poetry Meetings in a work entitled “Sounds” also thanks to the cultural scholarship by the Marshal of Pomorskie Province.