Teatr Plastique Dod

Plastique Group was created thanks to an initiative of Magdalena Jędra – a dancer and a choreographer and Zbigniew “Zibi” Bieńkowski – a musician, performer and composer. These two artists were mutually attracted by deep desire to create a completely new form of stage performance. In their works, they do not want to limit themselves to a dance theatre formula but they expand it moving beyond, entering music and visual arts. The artists take advantage of the technology of the 21st century and their openness to the world creates strong, hard performances which show the deepest emotions in the world devoid of feelings. In a very decisive and innovative way, they combine dance, hard live music and artistic video montage. Magda Jędra and Zbigniew Bieńkowski express their own fascinations derived from the surrounding reality; thematically, they move within the sphere of different types of addictions.

The group’s performances:
“Teoria Hałasu” (Noise Theory)
“In Praxi”
“Konstrukcja symboliczna” (Symbolic construction)