Teatr Patrz Mi Na Usta

Patrz Mi Na Usta theatre was established in 1995, by Krzysztof “Leon” Dziemaszkiewicz, a dancer and choreographer. In the years 1997-2002 the group operated in Berlin, where “Radio Meteaphisick” performance(1999) and “National Drag Queen” are created. The latter performance is transferred to Tricity. Since 2002 the theatre has been connected with Sopot. It is being co-created by artists, Leon’s friends: Bożena Eltermann , a dancer ( Cynada theatre) , Marek Kakareko, Anna Steller (Good Girl Killer), Bożena Zezula ( LipZezRew) , as well as artists invited to participate in individual projects : Milena Czernik (LipZezRew), Magdalena Jędra (Plastique Dod, Good Girl Killer), Jacek Krawczyk (Okazjonalny theatre), Magda Frąckiewicz, Krzysztof Czerny, Przemek Szalecki, Krystian Wolowski.
Performances at “Patrz Mi Na Usta” theatre are reflections of psycho-physical condition of artists and emotions. Experiences enclosed in the time of the show are the essence of the show. “Patrz Mi Na Usta” theatre always tries to create a completely new reality, although some elements or props are repeatedly used in new productions. An example is a gender modification theme, a role swap between a man and a woman. The shows are being constructed as interdisciplinary images, where elements such as music, art, dance, space, atmosphere, audience’s mood, tension created by dancers-actors blend to build certain sensations. Those feelings should not be burdened with spectators’ or performers’ experiences. The show is some kind of exchange of common emotions which are always different, independent to the final staging plan. The shows at “Patrz Mi Na Usta” (Look at my lips theatre) are characterized by dynamic choreography, staging originality and transparency (sometimes grotesque) of dance-actors’ acting. The main construction material in the creative work is emotions as well as openness towards partners on the stage. The language is crystallizes on the level of an authentic experience. The reality of the lowest rank, quoting Tadeusz Kantor, is, for a theatre creator, one of the most significant rules of the theatrical reality.

So far, “Patrz Mi Na Usta” (Look at My Lips) theatre staged the following performances:
1999- “Radio Metaphisick”
2002- “Narodowa Drag Queen” (National Drag Queen)
2004- “Cafe Domino”

2005- “Różana Góra” (Rose Mountain)
2005- Variete Cameleon
2005- “Królestwo Szambali” (The Kingdom of Shambala)
2006- “Dziś są moje urodziny” (Today is my birthday)
2007- Belladonna