Krzysztof Dziemaszkiewicz


A dancer, an actor and a performer. In the year 1987 – 1995, he worked as assistant choreographer in Wojciech Misiuro’s theatre. He took part in all theatre and film productions in Teatr Ekspresji (Ekspresja Theatre).
In the years 1996-1998, he co-operated with the Berlin-based M3 as a dancer and a choreographer. During that time, he took part in the realization of the following performances:
1988 – “Matrosenliebe” (The Sailors’ Love)
1989 – “Salz im Fleisch“ (Salt in Meat)
1997 – “Excodex”
1998 – “Berlin Transport”

In the year 1997, he was the co-worker on choreography in the Berlin-based Babcia Zosia (Grandmother Zosia) theatre, for a play under the same title.
In the year 1995, he started the Patrz Mi Na Usta (Read My Lips) theatre, and he worked with the theatre in Berlin in the years 1997 – 2002. In this theatre, he works as a choreographer, director and a dancer. In co-operation with various artists he invited to work for the theatre, he completed and performed the following plays:
1999 – “Radio Metaphisick”
2002 – “Narodowa Drag Queen” (The National Drag Queen)
2004 – “Cafe Domino”
2005 – “Różana Góra” (The Rose Mountain)
2005 – “Variete Cameleon”
2005 – „Królestwo Szambali” (The Szambali Kingdom)
2006 – „Dziś są moje urodziny” (It’s my Birthday Today)
2007 – “Belladonna”
He also co-operates with other theatres in Poland:
1988 – “Sextet erotyczny” (Erotic sextet), directed by K.Gruszkówna, the Musical Theatre in Gdynia
1988 –  ”College muzyczny” (Musical college), directed by W. Misiuro, the Musical Theatre in Gdynia
1997 – “Tancerz Mecenasa Kraykowskiego” (Mr Kraykowski the Barrister’s Dancer), directed by K. Warlikowski, the Jan Kochanowski Theatre in Radom
2002 – „Romeo i Julia”, ‘Romeo and Juliet”, directed by J. Wernio, The Municipal Theatre in Gdynia
2003- “Tim Talar albo sprzedany…,” (Tim Thaler or Sold), directed by W. Fełeczak, The Andersen Theatre in Lublin
2004- “Teatr cienia Ofelii” (Ophelia’s Shadow Theatre), directed by  W.Fełeczak, The Andersen Theatre in Lublin
Since the year 1990, he has been co-operating with the SFINKS Sopot Forum for the Integration of Science, Culture and Art, where he creates his performances, happenings, is active as a dancer and a choreographer. He is involved in numerous clubs in Poland, including the Sopot-based Faktoria club, as well as the Warsaw Le Madame club, which enjoys cult status. Since the year 2004, Krzysztof ‘Leon’ Dziemaszkiewicz has been co-operating with Mariola Bryllowska, a multimedia artist who resides in Berlin.
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