Good Girl Killer

The team was created at the beginning of the year 2005 on the initiative of young, creative artists. Their first project, combining dance, music and visual performance, called the Good Girl Killer, was first presented on 6th March, 2005. The style of the theatre is characterized by eclecticism of both form and matter, dance is combined with music and video projections. The artists take conscious action aimed at erasing the borders between arts. In the course of their work, they produce expressive artistic collages with a high degree of professionalism. In this way, they create a new artistic quality, based on the co-existence of various arts. The artists present the modern world as a labyrinth marked by the excess of communication, hurry, homogenized society and a loss of human individuality. Inside this world, they notice the existence of an individual human being trapped in a tragic fight with oppressive reality, a fight for maintaining their own identity.