The “Clever Project” has  announced starting work on a new project “Instant Opera. Adult Crying Inventory” . The premiere will take place in October in Ankerbrotfabrik in Vienna. Further information will follow soon!
RADEK HEWELT and FILIP SZATARSKI, the founders of CLEVER PROJECT, were born somewhere in the 1970’s in communistic Poland. Already as the young boys they became the experts in the survival. In cloudy and foggy year of 2012, when the shadow of the crisis is hanging heavily over the world, they decided to join their forces to create the performance: CLEVER PROJECT. CLEVER PROJECT is initiated when the dance performance production reaches the “critical point”, a point when available material sources shrink below the minimal costs of the performance production. This is the point when the art starts to make really a fun. The Clever Team takes this situation as a challenge. When the depression and the doubt seems to infect the minds of many, the Clever Team proposes the reversal of the traditional values – what seems to be hopeless is actually a happy beginning.
Clever Team’s aim is to reduce the production costs below the minimum but in the same time to create a product – the performance – that meets the highest aesthetic quality and audience’s expectations.