Anna Haracz

A dancer, a choreographer, the co-founder and the artistic director of KINO VARIATINO theatre which was established in 1998. She executes her own choreographies with Kino Variatino Music and Dance theatre and presents them off stage in Tricity as well as theatre and dance festivals in Poland and abroad. She is a graduate with National Junior College of Culture Animation in Wrocław, major in dance, and a graduate from one-year junior pantomime college run by Marek Oleksy. She is a distinguished modern dance teacher as well as a certified Hatha yoga instructor. Anna Haracz presented her dance skills during “Konfrontacje” (Confrontations), the International New Dance Festival in Prague; she also participated in “120/80” performance directed by Leszek Bzdyl and the “Odys-SEAS” project within the Polish edition of “SEAS” festival.
During her career he produced 15 smaller and larger performances. Those performances were presented during dance and theatre festivals across Poland (Gdańsk, Kalisz, Lublin, Sopot, Kraków, Warszawa, Olecko, Gryfino, etc.) and abroad (Estonia, Ukraine).
2000 -”Na krześle myślę inaczej” (I think differently on a chair), “Kochanek z akordeonem nie dożył premiery” (The lover with an accordion did not live to see the première)
2001 – “Dni pozorne” (Mock days), ,,Więcej niż oczekujesz” (More than you expect), “Im wyżej tym lepiej” (The higher the better), ,,Lata nie będzie” (There will be no summer)
2003 – “Kwietne wojny” (Flowery wars), ,,Pięć minut o miłości” (Five minutes about love)
2005 – “Radosna. Jezioro” (Joyful. Lake), “Spotykać, spotykać” (To meet, to meet), ,,Między stołami” (Between the tables),,…ale jest jeszcze prawda” (…But there is still the Truth”).
“Kobieta która zamiata las” (The woman who sweeps the forest) performance had its première in January 2009.
Currently Anna Haracz has been working on a performance entitled “Ciche ciało” (Silent body).
Kino Variatino scheduled the première of the new production for 6 February 2010.