The LipZezRew Theatre

The LipZezRew Theatre was founded in the year 2000 in Gdańsk by Milena Rewińska (Czarnik),  Bożena Zezula and Tomasz Lipski. These actors are friends and share common theatre experience from their work in the Dada von Bzdülöw Theatre. They are also joint by the willingness to start a dialogue concerning the world around us with other people. All these factors became the basis for the foundation of the LipZezRew group. The theatre presents its ideas in the ‘absurd theatre’ convention, which creates a unique combination of modern dance, singing and acting. The first performance completed by the team was a play called “Niejaki Piórko” (A Certain Mr. Feather). Other artists working for the LipZezRew Theatre include:
Bożena Zezula – an actress, a dancer and a singer ( The Dada von Bzdülöw Theatre, “Patrz Mi Na Usta” (Read My Lips), “Mordy”;
Edyta Niemiec – an actress and a dancer (The Dada von Bzdülöw Theatre);
Tomasz Lipski – an actor, a poet and a musician (Ikenga Drummers), a Secretary for the  Sopot-based Jeden Świat Cultures and Art Integration Association, the manager of the Morena Community Centre.

The following artists co-operate with the LipZezRew Theatre:
Milena Czarnik- an actress and a dancer;
Patrycja Sobucka – a photographer;
The Deszcz (Rain) team: – Łukasz Krypel, Jakub Burdak – music and video projection.

Plays performed by the LipZezRew theatre:
“Niejaki Piórko” (A Certain Mr Feather), directed by M. Rewińska, B. Zezula, T. Lipski.
The premiere of „Niejaki Piórko” (A Certain Mr Feather) took place during the Third Tri-City Independent Theatres Meetings In the Lift event in the year 2000. The artists got the idea for preparing the performance from a book by Henri Michaux called “A Certain Mr Feather”. The performance includes movement, dance, words and singing. The artists are in no way limited by form, quite the opposite – they play with the form. The “Niejaki Piórko” (A Certain Mr Feather) performance includes absurdity, the grotesque style, as well the characteristic feature of the LipZezRew Theatre, a certain kind of scene symbolism. Mr Feather (Tomek Lipski) is a clown. His life is a chaos, which certain people find frightful and others enviable. Mr Feather exists outside the reality which surrounds him and he is never worried about anything, neither the fact that his home was stolen, nor that a train is coming fast straight in his direction, nor the death of his wife, not even his inevitable execution.
‘Mr Feather stretched his hand from his bed and was very surprised when it did not touch the wall. ‘Interesting’, he thought. ‘Probably the ants have eaten it’. And he fell asleep.’ ( H. Michaux)

“Cytrus Minus” (Citrus Minus), directed by B. Zezula
The premiere of  “Cytrus Minus” (Citrus Minus) took place on 19th October 2007 as part of the Gdańsk Dance Corporation in the Żak club. The performance prepared by Bożena Zezula and Jakub Drewa is a collection of short scenes which show the process of two people coming together. The symbolic gestures present a range of feelings: passion, infatuation and love, which are all tainted by human doubt and fear of being hurt. The suggestive music from the Deszcz group (Łukasz Krypel, Jakub Burdak) conducts the audience through the internal worlds of the characters, torn between two opposing forces of mutual attraction and repulsion. Neither of the characters, burdened by their experiences, is able to throw themselves into the passionate affair. The director cleverly intersperses the choreographic scenes with multimedia projections showing the innermost soul secrets of the character. The performance balances between nobility and seriousness,  grotesque and jokes to show a range of emotions tormenting the people who are just beginning to know and becoming accustomed to one another.
“Ciało w Naprawie” (A Body under Repair), directed by B. Zezula, E. Niemiec, T. Lipski.
The LipZezRew Theatre is currently working on a new project, called “Ciało  w Naprawie” (A Body under Repair).