Maria Miotk

A dancer, Master Degree in philosophy
Maria Miotk had her first encounter with dance in Scottish and Irish dance groups but her real dance passion was discovered when she started her education in flamenco dance. In 2005 she joined a training period at Off de BICZ Stage in Sopot, where she learned modern dance technique and the magic of dance theatre. Since that time, she has taken part in many performances made by choreographers from Occasional theatre and others and since 2007 she has been working also on her own projects. She had her debut on Tricity’s dance stage as a choreographer with a performance entitled “Panna Młoda rozebrana przez swych kawalerów, jednak…” (The bride undressed by her grooms, but…). She tries to combine flamenco expression with modern dance in her work. As an addition to those techniques, she uses capoeira and elements of classic dance. A significant influence on her own movement technique was exerted by numerous participations in workshops run by Thierry Verger and cooperation with Filip Szatarski, during the In-Tolerance project, which gave Maria Miotk infinite opportunities to experiment and improvise. Currently she works as a flamenco instructor at Third Age University in Gdynia and Styl Studio in Sopot, where she also runs her own classes in dance technique and body awareness and is a teacher of modern dance in YMCA in Gdynia. At the same time she tries to perfect her own skills during September visits to Spain, where she learns from Alicja Marquez, Miguel Vargas and Angelo Atienzo. She participates also in numerous workshops in Poland, among others, Modern Dance International Conference, which became her direct inspiration for her Master Thesis in philosophy entitled Pain as a subject of existential experience, written under guidance of Professor Bohdan Dziemidok.
Maria Miotk’s works include the following performances:
2005- “Summer In the City”, choreography by J. Czajkowska, Sopot
2005 – “Heart of Ireland” – Irish show, Germany
2006 – “Rhisome”, choreography by J. Czajkowska,Off de BICZ Sopot Stage
2006 – “Cool-Tour”, choreography by F. Szatarski, Gdańsk
2007 – “Solidarność Sierpień 1980” (Solidarity August 1980), choreography by  J. Czajkowska
2007 – “Wenecja” (Venice) in Miejski theatre (municipal theatre), with choreography by J.Krawczyk, Gdynia
2007 – Tanto Flamenco concert, Gdańsk
2006 – “Paper Mill” (Fabryka Papieru), chor. J. Krawczyk, Tczew
2008 – “Panna Młoda rozebrana przez swych kawalerów, jednak…” (Bride undressed by her Grooms, but…), choreography by M. Miotk, L.Grabińska, Sopot