Magdalena Jędra

A dancer, in June 1997 she joined Melissa Monteros and Wojciech Mochniej Dance theatre in Gdańsk. She performed in “Pola zagubionych dusz” (Fields of lost souls), “Cienie” (Shadows), “Tabula Rasa”, “W cieniu lustrzanych odbić” (In the shadow of mirror reflections). She executed her own solo projects as well: “Po rozmowie z księżycem” (After the talk with the moon), “Bez makijażu” (With no make-up). She performed abroad, among other countries, at Sweden, Estonia, Germany, Lithuania, Hungary. In 1998 she took part in the production of a Canadian choreographer, Paula Ross, which resulted in a performance entitled “Fisher of man, man the fisher” whose première took place during BUT 98 in Gdańsk (Wybrzeże theatre). In 1999 she was invited to cooperate with Joe Alter Dance Group in Warsaw. She took part in the following performances and projects: “The Learning Curve”
,”Hammering String”, “Samotny: zawsze nigdy” (Lonely: always never), “Projekt MAZOWSZE 1” (MAZOWSZE 1 project), which propagates modern dance theatre in Poland aimed at inhabitants of smaller towns. In April 2001 she co-produced “Dreams of woollen river” with Rafał Dzimidok. The première took place during Dance and Movement Evening in Mały Theatre in Warsaw. The show was presented in 2001 during the Fourth “Body Mind” International Festival in Warsaw and in Gdańsk within the fourth edition of Baltic Dance University. In 2001 PLASTIYQUE dod group was activated by Magda Jędra and Zbigniew Zibi Bieńkowski, a musician and a performer.  PLASTIYQUE dod is the engine of all artistic actions by Magda Jędra. All performances are produced by those two artists. At the same time Magda Jędra cooperates with Sfere theatre and plays in “Another baby 39” play which had its première during the fourth edition of the Baltic Dance University. In June 2002 as a new arts development organization, the theatre staged another première “zum Beispiel”. In November 2001 Magda Jędra was invited to participate in “Plik 01”, a show made by Edyta Kozak’s Made Inc. group for Rozdroże festival. In 2002 she cooperated with Beata Sosnowska working on multimedia poetry volume entitled “W cieniu szumiących wind” (In the shadow of rustling lifts). She received a cultural scholarship from Gdańsk in order to carry on with her “Konstrukcja Symboliczna” (Symbolic Construction) performance. In 2004 she was invited to take part in the “Odys-Seas” show in the former Gdańsk Shipyard within SEAS international project. The same year, she took part in Cafe Domino by Krzysztof Dziemaszkiewicz and Patrz Mi Na Usta theatre. In 2005 along with three other artists from Tricity, she creates Good Girl Killer formation as well as a performance under the same title. The show was staged during the most important festivals in Poland: ciało/umysł (body/mind) in Warsaw, the International Dance Theatre Festival in Poznań, Dance Corporation in Gdańsk, Open’er Festival in Gdynia. The show had its TV première on TVP Kultura. Starting February 2005,  Magda Jędra undertook cooperation with W. Gombrowicz Municipal Theatre in Gdynia, as a dance instructor.


Fragment spektaklu ” Parallel”


Fragment spektaklu Good Girl Killer ” Akcja ” Jędra/Steller/Dziemaszkiewicz/Welizarowicz