Leszek Bzdyl

Leszek Bzdyl has been working as a professional actor since the year 1987: the Henryk Tomaszewski Pantomime Theatre in Wrocław 1987-1990; The Wojciech Misiuro Expression Theatre 1990-1992. In the year 1993, he set up the Dada von Bzdülöw Theatre, in which he acts as a director, prepares choreographies and acts in the majority of plays. He received awards for his artistic activities from the President of Gdańsk in 1998 and from the President of Gdynia in 1999. In the year 1999, he also received an award from the Minister of National Education. In the year 2002, he received a scholarship from the City of Gdańsk.
As a choreographer and creator of scene movement, he has been co-operating with drama theatres in Poland. So far, he has taken part in the preparation of more than 40 performances, including e.g. “Testament psa” (Last Will of a Dog), directed by P. Cieplak, The Rozmaitości Theatre, Warszawa, “Władza”  (The Power), directed by Jan Englert, The National Theatre, “Anioł zstąpił do Babilonu” (An Angel has Come Down to Babylon), directed by J. Wernio, The Municipal Theatre, “Słomkowy Kapelusz” (A Straw Hat), directed by P. Cieplak, The Powszechny Theatre, Warsaw, “Otello” (Othello), directed by J. Głąb, The Modrzejewska Theatre in Legnica. In the Municipal Theatre in Gdynia, he acted in a number of dramatic roles, including Caliban in The Tempest by William Shakespeare David in “Niezidentyfikowane Szczątki Ludzkie” (Unidentified Human Remains) by Brad Fraser, and Clarin in “Życie jest snem” (Life is a Dream), by Calderon de la Barca. He has taken part in numerous international projects, including The Rape of Europe – Landscape X (Interkult, Sztokholm), In the body (The Baltic Dance University  – Gdańsk), Drop Dead Gorgeous (a joint production of The Dada Theatre with  Vincent Dance Theatre / Great Britain. In the year 2004, he directed the ODYS-SEAS performance in the Gdańsk Shipyard as part of the European SEAS Project. In the year 1997 – 2000, he promoted regular meetings of artists called The Day of Beautiful Company organised on the stage of the Municipal Theatre in Gdynia. Since the year 2002, he has co-ordinated the program at the Dance Corporation Festival in Gdańsk. Since the year 1990, he has conducted theatre workshops and dance classes both in Poland and abroad (Great Britain, the Czech Republic, France, Finland and Germany). He has worked as a teacher in the State Ballet School in Gdynia. The list of Leszek Bzdyl’s achievements is so long that those searching for more in-depth information should visit the HYPERLINK “http://www.dadateatr.pl/”www.dadateatr.pl website. An interview with Leszek Bzdyl can be found in the Articles section.