Katarzyna Pastuszak

Katarzyna Julia Pastuszak
A dancer, a director and a choreographer, the artistic manager of the Amareya theatre, an expert in the field of the theatre and culture animateur, a long-term butoh dance researcher. She graduated from the Scandinavian Studies department at the Gdańsk University and the Theatre Studies department at the Theatre Academy in Warsaw. She received scholarships from the Vice-Chancellor of the Theatre Academy and the Minister of Culture and Art for her artistic achievements in 2005, she has taken part in numerous international dance and theatre workshops both in Poland and abroad, e.g. in Gdańsk, Bytom, Poznań and Göteborg.
In the year 1997, she had her traineeship in the Znak Theatre, in the years 1999-2000, in Wojciech Misiuro’s Expression Theatre, in the years 2000-2001, in Bożena Eltermann’s Cynada Theatre, in 2003, with Eugenio Barby’s Odin Teatret . Ms Pastuszak experienced a breakthrough in her theatre experiments when she came across the butoh dance, which resulted in a fascination in the limitations and deep philosophy of this dance genre. Her butoh teachers include, among others:Itto Morita, Mika Takeuchi, Minako Seki, Marie-Gabrielle Rotie, Yumiko Yoshioka,  Atsushi Takenouchi, Yuri Nagaoka, Seisaku, Mikami Kayo, Ko Murobushi, Daisuke Yoshimoto, and Joan Laage.
She has performed in the following plays:
2001 – “Messaggio Puppazzi”, in co-operation with the Bread and Puppet Theatre (Pavia, Italy)
2004 – “Sen Ikara” (The Dream of Icarus), with the Amareya Theatre
2005 – “Tłumaczenie kobiety – dialog na 3 krzesła” (An Explanation of a Woman – a Dialogue for 3 Chairs), with the Amareya Theatre
2005 – “Xenos” – with the Amareya Theatre
2005 – “Mandala życia i śmierci” (A Mandala of Life and Death), with Atsushi Takenouchi (butoh)2005 – “Eros i Thanatos” z Daisuke Yoshimoto (butoh)
2005 – “Haiku na trzy ciała” (A Haiku for Three Bodies), with the Amareya Theatre
2006 – “Teatr Anatomiczny – Misterium życia i śmierci” (The Anatomical Theatre – A Mystery Play of Life and Death), with Joan Laage (butoh)
2007 – “Dream Regime – Teatr dla Wspólnoty” (Dream Regime – a Theatre for the Community), in co-operation with the Gekidan Kaitaisha Theatre, Joanna Czajkowska (Okazjonalny Theatre), and the charges of the Gdańsk-based MONAR
2008 – “Caravan Project” with Ang Gey Pin and Anna Haracz (Kino Variatino)
2008 – “Exit – Transgresyjny Tryptodram Feminalny” with the Amareya Theatre
2009 – “Faceless”  – a solo performance
2009 – “4 dziewice z Mottlau” (Four Virgins from Mottlau), as part of the AurtoArt educational –artistic-research programme in Galeria LKW
2009 – “Nie wydawaj” (Do Not Spend) – in co-operation with the Amareya Theatre and the charges of the ‘Sinol’ Co-operative of the Visually Impaired
– “Inskrypcje” (Inscriptions)  – with the Amareya Theatre
Ms Pastuszak runs dance and drama workshops, she has also completed a course of psycho-somatic therapy by means of dance and movement called „Dancing Down the Bones – Somatic Practice – Dance and Movement Therapy” (London).
On an everyday basis, Katarzyna Pastuszak works as a curator of the Żak Club Drama Stage in Gdańsk, where she organizes regular cultural events such as the Gdańsk Dance Festival, the “Poza granice” (Beyond Borders) project, or a Butoh dance festival.

Since the year 2007, Ms Pastuszak has also co-operated with the Culture Studies Department at the Gdańsk University, where she gives lectures on culture animation. For a few years, she has also been publishing articles concerning dance and the theatre and giving lectures on the history of the butoh dance.