Kamila Chomicz

Her fascination with movement theatre lead to cooperation with dancers both during amateur film productions and performances, only to mention Visitationes, “Czerwona Trawa” (Red Grass) or recent Alien Anonymous based on Lem’s Solaris. Kamila co-creates performances based on video images.

Kamila – ‘I would like to make my work aesthetic, intimate and emotional, I want it to show interpersonal relations. So far, these are rather quite abstract forms. The effect of a recording is often a result of improvisation, an interaction.’

She has created experimental films, usually inspired by dance. She cooperates with dancers from Dada von Bzdülöw theatre, Julia Mach, Anna Steller, Ula Zerek.

Her films are presented during numerous festivals and reviews, among others, during Festiwal Kino Tańca Łódź (Dance Cinema Festival in Łódź) 2005, Ogólnopolski Festiwal Tańca Współczesnego PolemiQi (PolemiQi Nationwide Modern Dance Festival), Sopot Film Festival 2006, Festiwal Teatru Ruchu i Pantomimy Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico Movement and Pantomime Theatre Festival) 2007.