Grzegorz Welizarowicz

Grzegorz Welizarowicz (1972) – a composer, a musician. Starting 1994 he has cooperated with MORDY band. Starting 1999 he has been creating music to performances and dance theatre films, among others, for: Dada von Bzudlow, Occasional theatre, Good Girl Killer, Anna Steller and others. A member and the founder of Good Girl Killer group (2005). He took part in the following, selected theatre projects:

  1. “Alien Anonymous”, Julia Mach Dance Company, co-composer, Vienna, February 2010.
  2. “Delia” Anna Steller/Good Girl Killer, co-composer, Gdańsk, August 2009.
  3. ”Action” Good Girl Killer Company, co-composer, actor, playwright, Gdańsk, June 2008.
  4. “Eden,” Dada von Bzdülöw theatre, co-composer, Gdańsk, March 2006.
  5. “The Square. Version 06,” Occasional theatre, co-composer, musician, Sopot, December 2005.
  6. “Good Girl Killer” by Good Girl Killer company; actor, co-composer; Żak Club, Gdańsk, February 2005.
  7. “Las Dos Caras del Patroncito” – acto El Teatro Campesino; actor, Plama, Gdańsk, June 2002.
  8. “La Luta Continua” Anna Steller, co-composer, December 2001.
  9. “Las Dos Caras del Patroncito”, “La Quinta Temporada” actors El Teatro Campesino presented by UCSD students, directed by: professor Jorge Huerta; actor, San Diego, California, USA, March 2001.
  10. “Nietota” by Dada von Bzdülöw theatre; a musician /co-composer, Gdańsk, June 2000.
  11. “Apartament 001” (Suite 001) by Dada von Bzdülöw theatre; co-composer, Gdańsk, January 2000.
  12.  “Komedia w dawnym stylu albowiem nic się nie zdarza” (An old-style comedy as nothing ever happens), Dada von Bzdülöw theatre; musician/composer, Gdańsk, February 1999.

Selected discography:

  • EGO “Swiatowid” Antena Krzyku Unc. 1997.
  • Mordy “Normalforma” Antenna Krzyku Unc., 2000.
  • Mordy “Zapiski ze Strychu” (Notes from the Attic), Mordy rec., 2002.
  • Mordy “Anthology” Tone Industria, 2004.
  • Ikenga Drummers “Lustereczko” (Little Mirror) One World, 2006
  • Mordy “Wielkolud” (Giant) mordy rec., 2008