Filip Szatarski

dancer, in the years 1994-2007 a member of “Dada von Bzdülöw” group by Leszek Bzdyl and Katarzyna Chmielewska, a dancer in performances in Poland and abroad. Member of dance workshops run by members of the group. In the years 1998-2005 he cooperated with Witold Gombrowicz theatre in Gdynia as a choreographer and an actor, he took part in more than 150 performances.
2001- cooperation with Baltic University of Dance(Production: In the Body – Avi Kaiser).
2002 – member of the group ”Tanz Hotel Wien” (Productions: Katharsis, Suite, Grosse Fuge)
2003 – “Tanz Atelier Wien“ (Production: H+H, Body Landscape)
2003 – member of the group „Smafu Compagnie“ Wien-(performances, among others: Austria, Slovenia, Serbia, Liechtenstein, Turkey, Ukraine, Germany)
2004 – Gdańsk theatre Scholarship “Badz mi Opoka“, Young Critique Award in Kłock in 2004 for stage movement.
2004 –”Odesseas“-project by Leszek Bzdyl and Robert Rumas, Festival Odysseas Gdańsk.
2005 – Program/Artist in Residence/Akiyoshi Art Village Yamaguchi, Japonia. Invitation from the Japanese government to run solo production.
2006 – Production of dramatic theatres plays, workshops for professional actors.
2006 Production of the performance” Eden-” Dada von Bzdülöw theatre, Gazeta Wyborcza Readers’ Award for the performance of the year.
2006 – 08-09- Production of the modern opera “Strom”. Solo parts performance. Vienna
2006 – 05 oraz 09- Artistic director of the project “Cool-Tour Intolerance” 2006 in Gdańsk and Brema
2008 – “Resonance” project executed by Kaja Kołodziejczyk

His own productions:
2001-“Kapielca“ –Dance and theatre project in cooperation with Milena Rewińska for Baltic University of Dance.
2002- “Kółko i Krzyż” (Nought and Cross) – Dance and theatre project in cooperation with Tae Kim for Corporation festival in Gdańśk.
2003-“Tumor“-Dance and theatre project in cooperation with Celine Bacque for Corporation festival in Gdańśk.
2005- “Jakub”-Solo project within “Artist in Residence” program in Japan. Staged in Japan and Poland.
2006-  “Cool-Tour” project with Polish and German youths Gdańsk/Brema- Artistic Director of the project. 50 participants.
2007- “Visitores”-a play made with Julia Mach, stage première during Off-Bicz in Sopot

Choreographies and stage movement for dramatic theatres:
2005- “Paragraf 22” (Catch 22), Joseph Heller, Dramatic theatre in Białystok
2006- “Momo”, Michael Ende,Dramatic theatre in Wałbrzych
2006- “Zielony Wedrowiec” (Green Wanderer), Puppet theatre in Białystok
2006- “A kiedy Przyjdą…” (And when they Come…)”, Pawel Demirski, Wybrzeże theatre  in Gdańsk
2006- “Księżna Damalfi” (The Duchess of Malfi), John Webster, Wybrzeże theatre in Gdańsk
2007- “Spalenie Matki” (Burning down Mother), Pawel Sala, Wybrzeże theatre
2007- “Pasja” (Passion), Peter Turrini,  Studio theatre in Warsaw
2007- “Tales of Common Insanity”, Peter Zelenka, Dramatic theatre in Kalisz
2007- “Blaszany Bębenek” (The Tin Drum), Gunter Grass, Wybrzeże theatre in Gdańsk
2008- “Loretta”, F.Walker, Teatr Wybrzeże in Gdańsk
2007- “Szewcy” (The Shoemakers) S.I.Witkiewicz,.Gombrowicz Theatre in Gdynia