Bożena Eltermann

A dancer, a choreographer, in the years 1989-1995 a soloist at Wojciech Misiuro Ekspresja theatre during festivals in Poland and abroad. Since 1995 she has been collaborating with Krzysztof ,”Leon” Dziemaszkiewicz’s Patrz Mi Na Usta theatre. She founded CYNADA theatre in 1998 and executed her own performances ”Cynada” in 1998, Tranquila in 1999, “Książe z liliami” (Prince with lilies) in 2001, waran@las.piniowy 2003, Tanzschule 2006, “Punkt zwrotny” (Turning Point) in 2008, and Hexalolita in June 2009.
The artist says:
’…Cynada is my own theatre. I communicate in movement,  expression of motionlessness, sound and costume. These elements do not describe the content, they co-create it…’
‘Cynada is a movement theatre as there is nothing that would remain motionless…’

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