Bałtycki Teatr Tańca

The Baltic Dance Theatre started its existence on March 1, 2010 but already two years earlier young, talented dancers started arriving in Gdańsk from all over Poland to strengthen the small, yet dynamically developing Baltic Opera ballet team. Consecutive premieres: 4&4 and Eurasia choreographed by Izadora Weiss, Men’s Dance by Wojciech Misiuro, Jacek Przybyłowicz and Roman Komassa and finally Romeo and Juliet and Out by Izadora Weiss, confirmed that the Gdańsk team created a new quality with its modern dance spectacles. The Baltic Dance Theatre dancers are all outstanding individuals. Some of them are graduates of Polish ballet schools, others have no formal ballet education but have enormous practical experience. In spite of different roads they have taken to reach their aim, today they perform on the same stage. They have been united by their striving for perfection and love for dance. Together they make a company which has won the hearts of the young Tricity (Gdańsk, Sopot, Gdynia) audience.

Izadora Weiss is the artistic director of the BDT. She professes the belief that body movement must be led by the spirit of music and makes sense only when the two create an indissoluble unity. She tries to convey positive emotions in the stories told by her spectacles and she defends a value system in which love, human worth, faithfulness to one’s ideals and to people we choose, the love of truth and justice are always present, despite the fashion for destruction promoted in modern culture, or subculture, as she defines it herself.

Emil Wesołowski, longtime director of the National Ballet, praised skills and passion of this company, with whom he produced his extraordinary spectacle Chopinart. The choreographer Jacek Przybyłowicz, who worked with them on the Men’s Dance première, during a TV interview prophesied a great career for the company. Furthermore Wojciech Misiuro, the legendary creator of Teatr Ekspresja, was highly impressed by the dancers’ skills. These good opinions are confirmed by the fact that the above-mentioned artists want to continue working with the BDT in the future. Jan Kozłowski, the former Marshall of the Pomorskie Province, at the beginning of 2010, when there was still no talk about Baltic Dance Theatre, described the changes in our team as follows: “The Baltic Opera Ballet has been put through most radical reforms. Marek Weiss has decided to build a modern dance team from scratch. Four consecutive premieres have been welcomed more and more enthusiastically by the audience and the local critics. The most recently produced spectacle – Romeo and Juliet by Izadora Weiss – was given standing ovations every time it was shown. I had a chance to see the broadcasts of the Eurasia and Romeo and Juliet ballets on TVP Kultura, and you can find fragments of all Gdańsk Opera productions on every known internet platform and on the most important music TV channel in the world – MEZZO.”

A proposition from the BBC has come to be a confirmation of these words. Its music department, looking for a choreographer who would stand out among the recent wave of modern dance producers, decided to make a film about Izadora Weiss and her young team. For the BDT, the artistic ideal and an example, they wish to follow is the Nederland Dans Theater shaped by Jiri Kylian’s choreographies – Izadora Weiss’s master and teacher. He decided to send her, for a good beginning of her independent artistic career, the NDT team to Gdańsk, for a guest performance of the spectacle Last Touch First within the framework of the Baltic Dance Theatres Festival which would surely bring magic luck to the Gdańsk dancers and their fascinating work. In the spectacle, we can see former Nederland Dans Theater dancers under chorographic lead of Jiří Kylián and Michael Schumacher.

The latest BDT premiere is an evening consisting of the spectacle Sen (Dream) with the music of Arvo Part, choreographed by Wojciech Misiuro, and the most difficult challenge when it comes to their repertoire – The Rite of Spring by Igor Stravinsky. This spectacle, choreographed by Izadora Weiss, opens a new phase is BDT’s activities and creates hope for it to become a source of pride not only for the Baltic Opera and the Pomorskie Province but also for the always supporting it Tricity audience.

Nowadays, BDT performs Rite of Springs together with Waiting for…, a new choreography of Izadora Weiss, which had its premiere on 2011 August during VIII International Dance Theatre Festival in Poznan. Jiri Kylian has watched both performances while visiting our Baltic Dance Theatre Encounters. He recognized our young dancers and their boss’s skill and honest effort. As a proof of his praise he declared his cooperation in preparing the next premiere. And so BDT will be joining small group of dance theatres with Kylian’s choreographies in the repertoire, and Izadora Weiss will be one of few choreographers honored to be at the master’s side during performance evening. The premiere of that special event will be on 2012 May 26th and will consist of Kylian’s choreography with Webern music No More Play and Mozart’s Six Dances along with  Weiss’s choreography Windows to new music of Leszek Mozdzer.