About Us

The information service of the Baltic Culture Center DanceDesk is a reliable source of information for all those interested in modern dance as an art form. We present profiles of artists, we publish articles and review performances as well as propagate the development of dance as an art, stressing its significance in cultural developments.

Considering the strength of Tricity as a cultural center of contemporary dance, DanceDesk, as an initiative of the Baltic Culture Center, devotes its efforts to dance theatres operating across the Pomeranian region.

Theatrical performances are a combination of a number of stage formats. Movement merges with music to become involved in visual arts and new media. Over the years, dance as an art form was developing on the fringe of the artistic stage and could not find its rightful place in artistic studies. Recently, this situation has changed, leading to an elevation of dance to the status of a significant and widely discussed form of art.

We would like the DanceDesk service to facilitate organization of meetings for lovers of dance and artists. We would also like the modern dance form to attract the attention of people professionally engaged in the theatre. We invite them all to participate in discussions and publish on our site.